The University of New Mexico Nanoscience and Microsystems Program

Nanoscience and nanotechnology have been referred to as the Industrial Revolution of the 21st century. Nanoscience refers to the scientific phenomena that occur at sizes around a nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter. An example of scale is the walls of cells, which are five nanometers thick. Demand for graduates in nanotechnology has been increasing steadily, but currently, only a few universities offer degree programs. UNM's interdisciplinary Nanoscience and Microsystems degree program is offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, evolving from the traditional disciplines of solid state physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering. More than 70 faculty in nine academic departments worked together to develop the Nanoscience and Microsystems degree program. This program is a great example of how our faculty's leading-edge research benefits graduate as well as undergraduate students in a formal curriculum.

UNM Nanoscience and Microsystems Program Highlights, News, and Events

RA needed for atomic structure and dynamics

August 24, 2015: An RA is needed to work on a 3-year NSF grant studying the homogeneous growth of metal crystals at the atomic level. Interested applicants contact Paul Schwoebel:
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NSMS Project Nano
NSMS 595 Project Nano

January 22, 2015: The NSMS Program is launching a practicum in Fall 2015, where a class of students will work to provide a solution to real-life engineering problems and practice their strategies to take the solution to the market. These problems will be identified by practicing engineers in the field of micro/nanomanufacturing. Read more about NSMS 595 Project Nano »

NSMS student Amber McBride awarded Outstanding Poster award at 2014 NCI Cancer Nanotechnology PI meeting
NSMS student Amber McBride awarded Outstanding Poster award at 2014 NCI Cancer Nanotechnology PI meeting

October 3, 2014: Amber completed her PhD in the Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering program in August 2014. Her primary research mentor was Pavan Muttil in Pharmacy. She will shortly move to a postdoctoral position at Sandia National Laboratories.